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People buy from people.  People they like and trust.  We teach people how to connect with clients, listen to their needs, tell stories, grow as leaders and sell themselves without selling out.  It looks like workshops, coaching, succession planning, and pie. Because who doesn’t like pie?



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Not your typical “follow the Power Point show” trainings.  I put the work into workshops.  Self reflection.  Video-taping.  Accountablity. Homework.  Making a plan.  My workshops are not for the timid, but they are for the motivated.



Leo MacLeod


I hitchhiked across the country from New York in 1977 and never looked back. I was an executive with Nerve, a branding agency in the Pearl district, president of American Marketing Association, and the Entrepreneurial Manager at a public library. I’ve put together marketing classes for Portland State and University of Washington and written a marketing column for six years for the Business Journal and Daily Journal of Commerce. For 13 years, I ran Mainspring Marketing, which served as a marketing department for small to medium sized businesses. Clients started tapping me more and more for my ability to coach people who wanted to move into leadership positions. I seem to have a talent for drawing people out and help them develop a bigger view of themselves, manage conflicting priorities, handle difficult people and conversations, and feel comfortable speaking in front of people. I tend to work a lot with engineers and other technical people who are smart but challenged in their emotional intelligence. I’m a certified consultant for Kolbe Assessments, which helps people use their time more wisely and am experienced in using Emotional Intelligence Appraisals, which helps people understand how to manage themselves and their relationships. I play ukulele (who doesn’t these days?) and sing in a folk/blues/swing band, . My pie is good, but my kids are the best thing I had a hand in making.


I’m a pie-maker.  Apple.  Marionberry.  Coconut Cream.  If I don’t show up to a party with a pie, I hear about it all night.  My recipe makes a sweet crust but a tart filling. That reflects my working style too: compassionate but direct.  My personal values and personality are baked right into how I do business.  The stories below tell it best.



Now that you know a little bit about what we do, give us a call, and let’s chat about making things happen for your business.

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