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What We Do

People buy from people.  People they like and trust.  We teach people how to connect with clients, listen to their needs, tell stories, grow as leaders and sell themselves without selling out.  It looks like workshops, coaching, client surveys, succession planning, strategic planning, branding and pie. Because who doesn’t like pie?



Current Projects

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Not your typical “follow the Power Point show” trainings.  I put the work into workshops.  Self reflection.  Video-taping.  Accountablity. Homework.  Making a plan.  My workshops are not for the timid, but they are for the motivated.


The Team

Leo MacLeod, President


I hitchhiked across the country from New York in 1977. I’ve been a housepainter, radio producer, freelance writer, fundraiser and an ad executive at a cool branding agency that doesn’t exist anymore. These days, I consult, train, coach and come up with marketing ideas for all kinds of companies. I’m centered on the design and construction industry because I like working with people who are straightforward. I’m kind of a ham: I sing in a band, and I love teaching. My purpose in life is to help give people clarity and confidence. When I’m not working, I volunteer at SMART, SMPS Oregon, Center for Innovative School Facilities and an Alzheimer’s care center. My pie is good, but my kids are the best thing I had a hand in making.

Caitlin loos, Branding and Design

Somehow, my studies in English literature landed me deeply entrenched and in love with the world of marketing and design–though I still have strong feelings about Tolstoy and Oxford commas. Rooted in consulting for professional services firms, I know that a well-developed brand can create passion and confidence, beautiful design can bring in whole new audiences, the right messaging can transform and perfect grammar is the cornerstone of credibility. I work hard for my clients, and they are always on my mind.

I love adventures of all kinds: from world travel to finding new and exciting places to eat in Portland. My friends and family are the foundation in my life. My outlook tends towards the lighthearted and whimsical, and I constantly seek life’s unexpected delights.




I’m a pie-maker.  Apple.  Marionberry.  Coconut Cream.  If I don’t show up to a party with a pie, I hear about it all night.  My recipe makes a sweet crust but a tart filling. That reflects my working style too: compassionate but direct.  My personal values and personality are baked right into how I do business.  The stories below tell it best.

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Now that you know a little bit about what we do, give us a call, and let’s chat about making things happen for your business.

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4043 NE 28th Avenue, Portland, OR 97212

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